Tuesday, 11 October 2011


As you may be aware, we have carried the wording ‘cholesterol free’ on our chocolate and alternative to dairy ice cream packaging in the past. We began removing this wording in September 2011.

Although it is an undisputed fact that all of our products are ‘cholesterol free’, using this wording is not currently a supported claim in the eyes of The East of England Trading Standards Association Food Group, as sufficient research has not been carried out to allow this wording to be used. This means that using the wording ‘cholesterol free’ is not permitted, even if you can prove that it is a fact.

We always endeavour to be as honest and transparent as possible, and only want to use approved wording, so we are in the process of taking this statement off of our packaging and other materials.

Please be aware however, that there has been no change to our products; they are still dairy free, contain the same ingredients and contain no cholesterol.

Similarly, we used to have the wording ‘no added sugar’ on our alternative to dairy ice cream packaging, as well as on our Raspberry and Dark Ecuadorian chilled truffles. This wording was used to try to communicate that there is no refined sugar added to the products, and only agave syrup is used to sweeten them.

Having had this wording checked, it is not a complaint phrase to use, so we have therefore begun adding new wording to these products. You will start to see ‘made without refined sugars’ on the front and back of the Raspberry and Dark 2 truffle boxes soon.

Again, please be assured that we have made no changes to these products, but are ensuring that we are using the most appropriate wording possible to describe the special features of our products.

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