Monday, 1 July 2013


We donate 5% of profits from the sale of our delicious Keep Smiling Vanilla M'Gorilla Alternative to Dairy Ice Cream, to Fauna & Flora International, part of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme. And we've just received some heart-warming news from the IGCP about a young gorilla who's been successfully rescued from just outside the Virunga National Park - where the vanilla we use in our delicious frozen dessert comes from!

You'll find the full story of Matabishi's rescue below. And if you'd like to find out more about Fauna & Flora International and the great work they  and other members of the IGCP do, just click here.

Gorilla Doctors Assist in the Rescue of an Infant Gorilla Suspected to Have Escaped Poachers in DRC

An infant male gorilla, found alone in a cornfield in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has been rescued by the Congolese Wildlife Authority (ICCN) with critical assistance from Gorilla Doctors. Gorilla Doctors, dedicated to conserving gorillas through veterinary medicine, monitors and promotes the health of wild habituated mountain and Grauer’s gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and provides urgent care to gorillas orphaned as a result of the illegal wildlife trade.

The young male gorilla is estimated to be 3 years old and weighs just 11.5 kilograms. He was ranging alone for days, approximately 1 kilometer outside of Virunga National Park, before a local individual alerted the wildlife authorities. Although generally in good health, the young gorilla has a large wound on his back, possibly due to a rope restraint. The laceration and scarring suggest he may have been a victim of gorilla trafficking and has been held captive by poachers for several weeks.

ICCN rangers slept in the cornfield to protect the young gorilla until the rescue, which took place on Sunday, June 23. The young gorilla “…let Dr. Eddy approach him in the field, allowing Dr. Eddy to administer a light sedative for the 27 kilometer bumpy ride to Rumangabo” said Dr. Dawn Zimmerman, Gorilla Doctors Regional Veterinary Manager. “He took the ride very well, curled up in Eddy’s arms.” Although it is likely that the infant was poached from a wild gorilla group, he “is definitely  over-habituated to humans” said Gorilla Doctors Head DRC Field Veterinarian Dr. Eddy Kambale. “He is most comfortable resting next to people or sitting in someones lap.”

Once at the Senkwekwe Center, Gorilla Doctors conducted a complete quarantine check-in protocol: they performed a physical examination, collected blood, urine and swabs for diagnostic tests, administered a skin test for tuberculosis, and gave the orphan its first series of polio and measles-mumps-rubella immunizations. Matabishi was also mildly dehydrated, so subcutaneous fluids were administered.

Five gorilla orphans for which Gorilla Doctors provide all the veterinary care currently live at Senkwekwe: three mountain gorillas, Maisha, Ndeze, and Ndakasi, and two Grauer’s gorillas, Baraka and Isangi.
Innocent Mburanumwe, the Chief of Monitoring and Rangers at Virunga National Park, named the orphan “Matabishi,” which means “bonus” in Swahili: as soon as park rangers were notified of the solitary infant ranging outside of the park, they checked the two habituated mountain gorilla groups ranging nearby, Mapuwa and Lulengo, for missing gorillas. All individuals were accounted for, making little Matabishi a “bonus” gorilla.
“The general health of the infant appears to be good” says Dr. Eddy Kambale. “He is very active, has a good appetite, and is bright and alert. However, his haircoat is matted and filled with lice and burrs; he clearly has not been groomed in some time.”

It can be difficult to distinguish between a mountain and a Grauer’s gorilla based on appearance alone, especially at this young age. “With animals this young, we rely on genetics to determine the subspecies and ultimately, make sound scientific decisions on his future,” says Gorilla Doctors Director Dr. Mike Cranfield. It will take several months to conduct a complete genetic analysis, but samples have been taken and arrangements are being made to ship them out for testing as soon as possible.  
While Matabishi’s long-term future is undetermined, one thing is certain:  Matabishi will be safe and secure at the Senkwekwe Sanctuary, attended to by a caretaker 24 hours a day, with access to plenty of food and excellent veterinary care from the Gorilla Doctors. 

About Gorilla Doctors

Founded in 1986 at the request of the late gorilla researcher Dian Fossey, the Gorilla Doctors’ veterinary team is dedicated to saving the lives of Central Africa’s endangered mountain and Grauer’s gorillas through health care. Powered by the nonprofit Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, Inc. and the UC Davis Wildlife Health Center, Gorilla Doctors treats wild human-habituated gorillas suffering from life-threatening injury and illness, aids in the rescue and treatment of orphaned gorillas, conducts gorilla disease research, and facilitates preventive health care for the people who work in the national parks and come into close contact with the gorillas.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


You need never be without our delicious Champagne Truffles again, now our sumptuously divine, multi award-winning truffles are available in a pocket-sized
2-truffle pack, priced at just £1.69 rrp.

You'll find these cute little boxes in the chiller cabinet of your local stockist as they are joining our increasingly popular Chilled Truffle Collection, which also includes Espresso, Hazelnut, Raspberry and Dark Ecuadorian Truffles.

Booja-Booja Champagne Truffles are organic, dairy free, gluten free and soya free. They are also available in a stylish black and gold gift box containing 16 melt in your mouth truffles.

Find your nearest stockist now, just click here

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Our Easter Eggs... the Fairest of Them All

Handmade by a community of artists in Kashmir, India, our Easter Eggs are not only ethically produced but stunning to look at and filled with award-winning, sumptuous chocolate truffles.
When you buy a Booja-Booja Easter Egg you’re doing more than treating someone you love to some of the world’s best chocolates packed in a beautiful box. Booja-Booja Easter Eggs are produced by a community of artists that we've been working with for nearly ten years. This creative community, now consisting of approximately 80 talented artists, uses traditional methods to make and decorate eggs and boxes with meticulous care and attention. We pay them above the market rate, supporting entire families and encouraging young people in a politically unstable environment to take up paint brushes instead of weapons.
Each of our Large Easter Eggs is hand-packed with 12 of our mouth-watering truffles - Champagne, Hazelnut Crunch or Around Midnight Espresso. Each Small Egg contains 3 yummy truffles - Champagne, Hazelnut Crunch, Around Midnight Espresso, Rum Sozzled Sultana, Stem Ginger or Banoffee Toffee. Both small and large eggs are finished with a coloured ribbon and swing tag to create a stylish, eye-catching and luxurious Easter treat. 

Made and traded with love, beautiful to behold and delicious to devour Booja-Booja Easter Eggs are a joy to give and receive so go on, order yours today... click here to choose an online shop

Monday, 21 November 2011



We've been delighted with the response to our last blog and BoojaBubble article, asking what you think about our new flavours and new ranges. It's great to hear that we're making so many people so happy!!!

Here are just some of the lovely comments we've received, kicking off with a few words from the wonderful Martin Shaw (aka TV's Judge John Deed & Inspector Gently)...

Delicious.  As a vegan it's a rare treat to safely indulge in truffles!
Martin Shaw (TV star & Booja-Booja fan)

Heaven on earth!... I have fallen in love with Booja Booja, not only is the taste incredible, far far superior to any chocolate I've tasted before, the health benfits allow me a non-guilty pleasure... roll on Christmas - I'm getting my stocking stuffed with Booja Booja!
Caroline (Booja-Booaj fan)

The Gourmet Selection is immense. I wanted to gobble the whole box in one, yet at the same time eat every morsel so slowly so that I could really taste every single bit. Their picture should be in the dictionary under "Divine"Nes (Booja-Booja fan)

You make my life sooooo happy-vegan gluten free perfection. Your chocolates and desserts are simply the nicest in the world.
Jayne (Booja-Booja fan)

I've also tried your rum-sozzled sultana ones... they are DELICIOUS - I love love love the naughty boozy hit!... You've definitely made us very happy with your delicious selection of new flavours, and just by generally existing...

Have YOU tried our new truffles yet? Do let us know what you think. It's easy, just leave a comment here, visit our Facebook page or email 
We'd love to hear from you!

Aisling (Booja-Booja fan)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Our brand new Chocolate Truffle boxes are now 'out there' in the big wide world... and we're feeling a bit like parents waiting at the gate after the first day of school... we'd like to know how they're getting on, what sort of impression they've made and whether they've got any new friends!

So if you've revelled in the richness of Rum Sozzled Sultana, bamboozled yourself with Banoffee Toffee or gone gleeful over a Gourmet Selection we'd like to hear from you.

Please tell us what you think - about our new look, new boxes and of course our new truffles themselves.

Long or short, good or bad, we really do want to know what you think and to prove it we'll pick one winner from everyone who emails us with their feedback before Sunday 6th November and send them a gorgeous Gourmet Selection.

It couldn't be simpler. Just email: with the subject heading My Thoughts about Booja-Booja today. Go on, we can't wait to hear what you've got to say...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


As you may be aware, we have carried the wording ‘cholesterol free’ on our chocolate and alternative to dairy ice cream packaging in the past. We began removing this wording in September 2011.

Although it is an undisputed fact that all of our products are ‘cholesterol free’, using this wording is not currently a supported claim in the eyes of The East of England Trading Standards Association Food Group, as sufficient research has not been carried out to allow this wording to be used. This means that using the wording ‘cholesterol free’ is not permitted, even if you can prove that it is a fact.

We always endeavour to be as honest and transparent as possible, and only want to use approved wording, so we are in the process of taking this statement off of our packaging and other materials.

Please be aware however, that there has been no change to our products; they are still dairy free, contain the same ingredients and contain no cholesterol.

Similarly, we used to have the wording ‘no added sugar’ on our alternative to dairy ice cream packaging, as well as on our Raspberry and Dark Ecuadorian chilled truffles. This wording was used to try to communicate that there is no refined sugar added to the products, and only agave syrup is used to sweeten them.

Having had this wording checked, it is not a complaint phrase to use, so we have therefore begun adding new wording to these products. You will start to see ‘made without refined sugars’ on the front and back of the Raspberry and Dark 2 truffle boxes soon.

Again, please be assured that we have made no changes to these products, but are ensuring that we are using the most appropriate wording possible to describe the special features of our products.

Monday, 22 August 2011



We are delighted to announce the re-launch of our original truffle range to feature a brand new look, new box sizes and 3 scrumptious new flavours.

The new Four Corners Collection marks an exciting new chapter in the life of The Booja-Booja Company, bringing together an elegant house style and minimal approach to packaging that we've been developing gradually over the past couple of years.

In keeping with the range’s name, The Four Corners Collection features beautifully designed square boxes, replacing the round wooden boxes we've been using since our launch in 2000. The new look echoes that of Booja-Booja Champagne Truffle boxes and the Chilled Range launched in 2008.

The new, square boxes enable us to cut down on the amount of packaging used while increasing the amount which is easily recyclable. The new design also enables easier flavour differentiation within the range and is a more ‘shelf-friendly’ shape for stockists.

Each box in the Four Corners Collection contains 9 truffles of a single flavour. There are 5 varieties in the range: existing customer favourites Around Midnight Espresso and Hazelnut Crunch Truffles, all new Rum Sozzled Sultana and Banoffee Toffee Truffles plus Stem Ginger – a non-alcohol replacement for our Ginger Wine Truffles.

This exciting re-launch has come about following an extensive customer consultation, which revealed that new packaging was number one on the wish-list of many Booja-Booja lovers. Booja-Booja products are sold in independent retailers - delicatessens, farm shops, health food shops and gift shops - rather than supermarkets, enabling us to build personal relationships with our stockists and through them find out what our consumers really want.

Marketing Manager Emma Cruikshank explains,

“We’re really excited about the re-launch, the new look and the gorgeous new flavours and we hope that our customers will be really pleased too. It’s great to have been able to act on feedback from the people who really matter, the people who sell, buy and eat our chocolates!”

Four Corners not only describes the stylish square box but the origin of the truffles’ ingredients, meticulously sourced by us from across the globe, to ensure that every mouthful is a delight.  Only the very finest, natural and organic ingredients go into Booja-Booja truffles and we are committed to forging positive, long-lasting relationships with all our suppliers. Every ingredient is rigorously researched and tested to ensure that the final product has the perfect balance of taste and texture.

The Four Corners Collection will be available in independent retailers across the UK and Ireland from the middle of September. For stockist details and more information visit