Thursday, 24 February 2011

Should we change our 500ml 'Ice Cream' tubs?

We have to make a decision by tomorrow as to whether we are re-branding our current 'ice cream' tubs or keeping them thesame for approximatley another year. 
We will be keeping the size and type of tub and lid the same but could change anything to do with the artwork on the tub...

Would you like to see an image of some scoops of the 'ice cream' on the front of the tub?
Would you like to see a different colour theme overall on the tubs?
Would you like to see different text on the front of the tubs?
What information about our 'ice cream' is the most important to you?
What makes an 'ice cream' tub eye catching to you?

Please leave any feedback you have as a comment to help us make a decision!!

Thank you very much :)


  1. 1. unnecessary! unless it's pink for strawberry etc
    2.I like the colour scheme
    3.I'e never seen his product 'live' so not sure
    4.the word'organic' - on yr truffles - and ingredient info, + put yr website address too
    5. harmonious colour - not too busy design - quick-easy-to-read flavour info

    best wishes

    PS would like less white background on yr website

  2. Look great as they are.
    But if you do decide you need a change... we know just the people to help you do it :-)

  3. No. I think the packaging is great, the ice cream looks lux and stands out from the others.

  4. It has always looked good but I know that a lot of ice cream shoppers over look it, as a fair number of special diet shoppers. So possibly boosting some of that info and reducing the logo might be good. On the other hand, maybe some good labels for the front of fridges could do the job - you could design several different shapes and ask which ones shops wanted you to print and laminate for them (I've done this with other suppliers e.g what on earth pizzas).
    You could also push the product out there more by givng selected shops vouchers for a small choc tub for £1 to be given to higher spending customers to encourage sampling...
    Dominic from Mother Earth
    twitter @healthyfoodle

  5. Thanks for your comments. We've had similar feedback elsewhere and it all echoes what we've been thinking so we're happy to report that we'll be keeping the pots just the way they are for now. Any other feedback on any packaging always gratefully received :)