Tuesday, 22 February 2011


We recently faced a bit of a conundrum… what to do with several thousand unused ‘ice cream’ tubs which were no longer useful for production because they contained outdated information and artwork. Then Tina, our Quality Control Supervisor, had a great idea… why not give them away to local schools to use for arts and crafts activities?

So, off we went in search of interested recipients and were delighted to find no less than 13 schools and one play therapist more than happy to take our ‘useless’ packaging and give it a new lease of life!

We have now donated something in the region of 4000 old, unused ice cream tubs and 6000 lids to a the schools and organisations listed below. This packaging was out of date and destined for the dump but will now be painted, cut-up, glued and glittered instead, which is excellent news for the schools, their children and the environment.

We’ll be keeping in touch with the schools and will hopefully be able to report back soon with news of exactly what our old tubs have been turned in to!

Good luck and happy creating to the children at:

The Claire School, Norwich
Alderman Swindell Infant School, Gt Yarmouth
Corton Primary School
Wroughton Infants, Gorleston
St Margaret’s Infants, Lowestoft
Herman Primary, Gorleston
St Nicholas Nursery, Gt Yarmouth
Hillside Primary, Bradwell
St Marys R.C School, Gorleston
Cliff Park High School, Gorleston
Southtown First School, Gt Yarmouth
Priory First School, Gt Yarmouth
Ormsby Middle School
Leeway Women’s Refuse (through play therapist)


  1. Fantastic idea. I bet there are plenty more companies that could do something similar. We give all our off-cuts of card and PVC to Mini Scrap Box who distribute it to schools for use in arts and crafts.
    If you have any unused ice-cream you want to get rid off - give us a call :-)

  2. Just curious about the time setting on your blog server. It appears you posted your blog at 02:03 and my response was at 03:46 whereas it was actually at 11:46.
    Not important; just thought you might like to know.