Monday, 20 December 2010

Nurturing Beauty, Security and Hope

As you may be aware our exquisite Luxury Gift Boxes are handmade and painted by a community of artists in Kashmir, a country torn apart by political unrest and extreme poverty. We are proud of our artists, all members of the company Persian Dowry who we’ve been working with for 7 years, and we remain immensely grateful for all the hard work they put in to creating our beautiful boxes and Easter Eggs. Their achievements are made all the more remarkable when we consider the harsh conditions they live and work in.
Kashmir is situated between Pakistan and India and the situation there doesn’t receive much attention from the British media. But we know that our friends there are living under the constant shadow of severe violence. They also face daily practical challenges of curfews, road blocks and disrupted transport links. When we consider that there have been times, very recently, when basic food and medical supplies have been almost impossible to come by, it is miraculous indeed that our artists manage to keep creating, keep working and consistently fulfil our orders. It is invariably difficult for both our artists and their materials to move around and our most recent shipment was delayed for a number of weeks for fear of the boxes being looted on their way out of Srinagar.
Our trade with the artists of Persian Dowry is essential to the livelihood of more than 80 families and we are committed to maintaining this relationship for many years to come. Our trading arrangements are designed to nurture security, with long term contracts paying above the market rate, and we are delighted that our friends in Srinagar have been honoured with a Best Exporter of the Year Award for the last two years. It is a testament to their commitment, professionalism and courage.
Have you ever bought a Booja-Booja Luxury Gift Box?
Were you aware of the story behind them?
Please tell us what you think and share your views about our hard-working, extremely talented friends in Srinagar.

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