Monday, 21 November 2011



We've been delighted with the response to our last blog and BoojaBubble article, asking what you think about our new flavours and new ranges. It's great to hear that we're making so many people so happy!!!

Here are just some of the lovely comments we've received, kicking off with a few words from the wonderful Martin Shaw (aka TV's Judge John Deed & Inspector Gently)...

Delicious.  As a vegan it's a rare treat to safely indulge in truffles!
Martin Shaw (TV star & Booja-Booja fan)

Heaven on earth!... I have fallen in love with Booja Booja, not only is the taste incredible, far far superior to any chocolate I've tasted before, the health benfits allow me a non-guilty pleasure... roll on Christmas - I'm getting my stocking stuffed with Booja Booja!
Caroline (Booja-Booaj fan)

The Gourmet Selection is immense. I wanted to gobble the whole box in one, yet at the same time eat every morsel so slowly so that I could really taste every single bit. Their picture should be in the dictionary under "Divine"Nes (Booja-Booja fan)

You make my life sooooo happy-vegan gluten free perfection. Your chocolates and desserts are simply the nicest in the world.
Jayne (Booja-Booja fan)

I've also tried your rum-sozzled sultana ones... they are DELICIOUS - I love love love the naughty boozy hit!... You've definitely made us very happy with your delicious selection of new flavours, and just by generally existing...

Have YOU tried our new truffles yet? Do let us know what you think. It's easy, just leave a comment here, visit our Facebook page or email 
We'd love to hear from you!

Aisling (Booja-Booja fan)

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